PETG Sheets 4'x8'


  • $15.80

Polyethelene Terephalate Clycol Plastics P.E.T.G. sheets. Stronger than acrylic , this optically clear plastic is almost as strong as poly-carbonate. Excellent for thermoforming or fabricating, P.E.T.G. can be screen printing or vinyl overlaid. Sheets are film masked on both sides. This Plastic is UV treated, so it is not recommended for outdoor use. Surface scratches can be repaired with a heat gun set at low heat and moved around the scratched area.PETG has outstanding thermoforming characteristics for applications that require deep draws, complex die cuts and precise molded in details, without sacrificing structural integrity. It is used often in the O&P market for fabricating face masks, burn management devices, and check sockets. PETG is FDA compliant. PETG IS WIDELY USED FOR: Signs Sign and graphic holders POP displays and store fixtures Product and table top displays Thermoformed trays Prototypes and models Orthotic and prosthetic devices Machine guards and housings PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: Outstanding deep draw thermoforming Good impact resistance Chemical resistant Easy to fabricate and machine Good clarity